Iron Man Voice Control Helmet
Iron Man Voice Control Helmet
Iron Man Voice Control Helmet
Iron Man Voice Control Helmet
Iron Man Voice Control Helmet
Iron Man Voice Control Helmet

Iron Man Voice Control Helmet

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❤ The Iron Man Electronic Helmet features premium sculpting and deco and is an impressive addition to any Marvel collection. The helmet interior and the faceplate are detailed to evoke the electronic design. The exterior of the helmet a remarkable attention to detail and a beautiful finish.

❤ Wearable Iron Man MK5 voice-controlled deformation helmet. The deformation effect is divided into voice voice control / remote control / touch, and the power supply mode is battery(without).

❤ Voice control, remote control and touch sensor are three ways to control iron man helmet. No matter remote control, touch control or voice control, the interval between each operation should be more than two seconds, otherwise the reaction may be slow.

❤ The mask can be opened and closed in standard and multi-piece modes to restore the Mark 5 movie style.


Brief Introduction

Iron Man MK5 Helmet Instruction Manual

Model number: Iron Man MK5 Helmet

Brand: AuToKING

Material: Plastic ABS

Size: 1/1 wearable

Wear head circumference: 60CM

Functions: multi-chip/integral opening and closing/voice control/remote control

Helmet battery: No.5 (AAA) battery X4

Remote control battery: No.7 (AAA) battery X1

The battery case is hidden behind the black pad on the rear cover

Please remove the back cover before wearing


Method of use

Install no. 5 battery and turn on the power switch at chin of helmet for manual control:

Touch right ear service area: control mask multi-chip open/close

Touch left ear service area: open/close the whole mask


Remote control operation function introduction:

A Control mask integral open/close

B Control mask multi-chip open/close

C Switch color of eye lamp

D Eye light on/off

E Helmet sound on/off


Fault analysis -

First, If the password fails to match, try again after charging the remote control.

Second, The eye light continues to flicker slowly, or the motion is slow and the sound is blurry, because the battery is low, you should replace the battery.

Third, If the operation fails or something abnormal occurs, restart the system.

Fourth, Put on your helmet, auto detect failure, reboot the system.   

Safe operation Warning

Precautions for boot:

First, ensure that the mask is closed smoothly before the helmet is turned on (or the system is rebooted) every time. If the mask is partially or completely open, it is necessary to manually close all parts gently to ensure that the mask is closed smoothly before starting up.

Second, if the product is not used for a long time, please take out the dry battery.

Third, manual external force is strictly prohibited to break the mask to play.

Fourth, it is strictly forbidden to use external forces to hinder the work of the helmet when the helmet is opened and closed, which will cause irreversible damage to the helmet.

Fifth, non-professionals, please do not disassemble the product by yourself.

(The battery must be of good quality! Otherwise, it might not support the operation of the helmet!)